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Matthew Turner

13:06 PM, 10th April 2015, About 7 years ago

My agent has gone into administration, three months into a 12 month AST – where does this leave the deposit and contract?

Reply to the comment left by "Rob Crawford" at "10/04/2015 - 12:10":

Yes, I have from the tenant that the deposit was paid... in cash ... on the day of receiving the keys. It appears this a clear case of a rogue. The 'redress' scheme (ombudsmen) explains that it is not a regulator. It is also clear that these people can set up immediately again as a new business, and the redress scheme does not look into whether they have any outstanding unresolved issues from previous businesses, or have been wound up ... scary...!
Looks like it is a case of trying to recover the money through legal action... hmmm... Read More

Matthew Turner

11:34 AM, 10th April 2015, About 7 years ago

My agent has gone into administration, three months into a 12 month AST – where does this leave the deposit and contract?

Thanks for the advice. The company had some info about their policy info on their website, the pages have now been removed. The ombudsman has advised they cannot divulge this information, and they only ever check at the membership application stage, not that it is still active insurance. I pointed out the point of Professional Indemnity Insurance is it has run off cover, but they countered that as this member has informed them the company is no longer operating, they have no power to intervene.
I have searched and there is no records that the company has been liquidated in companies house and so on, so I don't know where else to look.

So there are a number of "should have's" here, I know. One is do not trust the logo "Property Ombudsmen" to be of any use whatsoever, for either tenant or landlord ..!

Regarding the deposit, it is evident it has not been lodged in a scheme, the contract version I was given in advance differed from what was signed, which set out it was the landlord, not the agents responsibility to lodge the deposit. The simple fact is the cash never came to me.

Anyone any advice on the issues I raised around the contract?... Read More

Matthew Turner

18:26 PM, 18th March 2015, About 7 years ago

60 viewing requests, 19 viewings today - is it a record?

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "18/03/2015 - 14:27":

Thanks for this, and look, I am sorry that recounting my experience has bought out a touch of defensiveness. A good few things in Tony's account aren't correct, but I suspect now know why, and this might answer your question above, Mark. I got a call from him earlier explaining that he might have been ringing someone else in error! Hey we all make mistakes and this is a mistake I can empathise with! So maybe this is down to getting a better notepad and pen.

I wasn't questioning the speed to the first viewing slot but what happened next - i was never presented with 8 viable offers, and the fact remains that because Tony was hundreds of miles from where the viewings took place, he didn't correctly pass on who had seen the flat to me, which has led to the situation described above, and a let starting much later than i know I could achieve on this property.

None of this is fundamentally disastrous for lettingssupermarket, I am sure this is something that can be ironed out with better systems and so on. Feedback, not only praise, leads to progress and I wish you all the best pushing the boundaries of the lettings market.

I should say of course thank you for such a great site, and the opportunity to allow this little conversation. Of course, by choosing to promote on the internet in a forum style also means people can voice negative as well as positive comments - taking the rough with the smooth is what makes a forum well followed and respected. So well done for taking this bit of rough! Given this I would have hoped there are no bad feelings, though from what you say Mark, it sounds like you don't think so, I think that is a dreadful pity. However, that is for me and Tony to sort out, as you say, offline!... Read More

Matthew Turner

10:40 AM, 18th March 2015, About 7 years ago

60 viewing requests, 19 viewings today - is it a record?

Glad you have had such a good experience with lettings supermarket, it would be lovely if some of your 'owners luck' would rub off on my first experience with them ... lt currently it leaves something to be desired.

I have a great property in London listed with them currently unlet, with 600 zoopla views in the first 2 days, a single 2 hour viewing slot was provided, from that not one single feasible tenant has come forward (the referencing process went ahead on a tenant who, when I was provided with details at the end, transpired their previous landlord was a kebab shop, and it turned out this tenant had not even viewed the flat!).

So they are now back to searching for a tenant again, and we are weeks later in a super busy London market, the property is still empty. This is not a difficult let, it is keenly priced and now had over 2500 views on zoopla as of this morning.

I own 7 properties which I have successfully marketed and managed myself, all but one of them. I have never had a void like this, on such an easily rentable property in such a busy market. I was all on for delegating all my property rentals, but from this experience, not so sure this model is any better than any other, I am afraid ... I am afraid my impression so far of lettings supermarket is pretty slow service with very much a one man band approach, with lots of opportunities for Mia communication between the head office and the on the ground people used.
A high street agent would be able to do many more viewings to actually get people into the place... Letting supermarkets bungling of the marketing is already costing me most of what I would be saving over a local high street agent in this area...... Read More

Matthew Turner

23:16 PM, 6th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Is a log fire in a BTL madness??!

Sorry, yes I should have been clearer, the house has an upto date central heating system too, it isn't a hovel ...!
This burner is purely a living room self contained stove, installed due to the previous owners sense of cottageyness. And it looks great.
But it would cost hundreds to get removed and made good, and could burn the house down of course...... Read More