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Tuesday 12th August 2014

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Samuel Raj

11:34 AM, 12th May 2016
About 5 years ago

Declaring purchase price when buying house from in-laws?

Wish we could 'self govern' ourselves like the MPs do, for e.g Malcolm Rifkind & Jack Straw accepting Brown Packets (50k) from the Chinese to represent them?! Obviously we elect them to serve us........ Read More

Samuel Raj

9:44 AM, 24th November 2014
About 7 years ago

Newham are not granting any further change of use permissions?

Hi Jill,
What's the update in your case as it is of much interest to me since I've just bought a property without prior knowledge of the Licencing...etc. As it is a 3/4 bedroom house I'd like to give it to professional sharers to maximize rentals. I've been advised to apply for Additional by Estate Agents, but yet to talk to Planning at Newham. Any advise appreciated... Read More