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Glyn Moore

12:34 PM, 14th September 2021, About a month ago

Shelter claim 45% of private renters are victims of illegal actions

Rather than trade statistics, in my view a better approach is to accept that there are a significant number of rogue landlords but, at the same time there are also a significant number of rogue tenants. We would all be better served if, as a starting point Shelter and Landlord action accepted this and worked together to try and address both problems. The polarised debate we seem to have isn't going to find solutions, rather just provide good material for the government and media to feed off. I accept that as landlords the weight of public opinion is against us but rather than simply attack the statistics as inaccurate, accept there is a problem but encourage those who seem to blindly view all tenants as victims to accept that they are misguided.... Read More

Glyn Moore

12:52 PM, 4th June 2021, About 5 months ago

Fobbed off by my local authority?

I am in a similar situation, which has arisen during the notice period of Section 21. Advice from my solicitors is to ensure all reasonable efforts are made and exhausted, and keep meticulous records of the process.

The risk otherwise is two fold:
- a fine for non-compliance by the local authority (high risk in some areas)
- Section 21 deemed invalid due to (perceived) landlord non-compliance.

Be careful. As we all know the dice are loaded against landlords... Read More