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John Allies

12:32 PM, 17th February 2021
About 2 months ago

Surely I am not the only landlord worried about new EPC requirements?

Hi Su
I think you are right to be interested in the the governments proposals to increase the minimum energy rating in the private rented sector (PRS) from E to C rating, but as yet not to panic
about it. Hopefully there will be plenty of advanced notice and help for what needs to be done.
In order to help achieve the country's net zero carbon emission target by 2050 the government issued a consultation paper asking for views on increasing the EPC rating on the PRS to a minimum C rating. Like many I responded to this, pointing out that there are a large number properties for a lot of the reasons mentioned above that will not be able to achieve the rating.
The government is going to assess the responses and there will unquestionably be compromises in many areas but there is no doubt that there is a requirement for an increase in the rating it is a question of how much and how it is applied. There will be an exemptions register which will cover properties that are unable to achieve the required rating after spending a certain amount on improvements, which at the moment is capped at £3,500 including vat but will be increased, this could go up as high as £10,000 including vat.
My personal feeling is that the methodology used to calculate to EPC rating needs to be changed. I have always felt it an anomaly that the rating is based not so much on the environmental impact of the property but the cost of the fuel to run it. The government is giving grants for households to change to low carbon fuels, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and yet rating them below mains gas boilers.
There are currently grants available to improve energy performance in your properties. The Green Homes Grant will fund at least two thirds of the cost up to a contribution of £5,000 and the RHI is available to help fund the installation of heat pumps or bio mass boilers. The Green Deal is still available but not funded by government.
I am hoping that the results of the consultation will be out by July and I look forward to it with interest.... Read More

John Allies

15:19 PM, 16th January 2021
About 3 months ago

EPC failed - Can’t let it, can’t sell it, can’t pay for the work?

Dear Brandy
I am an energy assessor and the first thing I have to say is, how does a flat come up with a G rating? I have been doing EPCs for 10 or 11 years and I have never had a flat with a worse rating than F and they have been few and far between. I obviously don't know the property but I am intrigued to have a look the EPC. You say there is an electric boiler so there is reasonable heating, all be it slightly expensive. You say you have put in some internal wall insulation, I agree with the earlier comment that an assessor cannot drill holes in the wall but he can tap the wall to see if it sounds solid or hollow. If there is a hollow ring it means that some form of insulation has been added.
An assessor should be able to offer you advice and wouldn't charge you for it. As already mentioned there is a cost cap of £3,500 inclusive of vat to improve energy performance for properties in bands G and F and to get this you would need to register with the PRS Exemptions Register, this is the maximum you would have to pay.
As also mentioned the government department BEIS have recently issued a consultation document requesting opinion on increasing the minimum EPC rating in the PRS sector from E39 to C69 which could have a big effect on the market.
Following other comments, I would totally agree that you should go to another assessor put your situation to him and ask for guidance. I still find it hard to accept your property has a G rating.
The alternative to this is to sell it and there is no minimum rating required to sell a property. A buyer whether a householder or BTL can see what is on the EPC and make their own decision.
I would certainly be happy to discuss it more with you if you want to.... Read More