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Nicholas Ainger

10:58 AM, 16th January 2021
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EPC failed - Can’t let it, can’t sell it, can’t pay for the work?

If I may you’ve missed the key area of the Regulations that permit rentals to lawfully continue if F or G rated.
There is a price cap of £3,500. No measures have to be installed if they exceed the price cap. You only have to install those which are ‘relevant energy efficiency measures’ which might be low cost such as lighting or heating controls.
Regulation 25 permits an exemption on this basis.
There is a consultation to raise the bar to Band C by 2025 for new tenancies, 2028 for existing, and a price cap of £10,000.
A lot depends on whether you wish to reach Band E now, or just be compliant.
EPC ratings are based on cost, not carbon, so fossil fuels will be beneficial under the current Regs unless the EIR becomes pertinent (the Environmental Impact Rating).
As for most landlords you’re best to pay for advice which could save you a lot of money if you go down an unnecessary path.
Finally, an expired EPC doesn’t have to be replaced unless you need to rely upon it. An expired EPC can’t fall foul of the Regs because it no longer exists, even though it’s on the register. Which is why the Regs consider voluntary EPCs which are exempt from needing to comply with MEES until you need to rely upon it (for marketing purposes).
I charge for advice but fire back queries and glad to help.
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