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12:09 PM, 27th March 2019, About 3 years ago

Trying to raise my EPC rating as tenants moving out?

I would suggest looking on your current EPC and seeing what recommendations were made and how many points each would add. Failing that, have a new EPC done to get up-to-date recommendations and then work with the inspector so they can give you tailored advice. You’d then need to get a further EPC done but I’ve found most inspectors will do a deal on carrying out before and after certification. Even if not, this route will mean you don’t waste money on things that don’t add points.... Read More


18:10 PM, 29th July 2017, About 4 years ago

A Game Changer For Landlords

Excellent call to action. Will be sharing this with some people who have 'stuff' to offer.... Read More


16:29 PM, 27th July 2017, About 4 years ago

Feedback on our new website design please

Looks really fresh. However, I view on a laptop and there is a lot of scrolling to be done to see the 'new' items (mainly news). The top right of a web page is the most valuable real-estate but, at the moment, yours is empty. Its just some tweaking but it would be great (as a reader and for you as a web owner) to have the 'changing' items in that space so that every time you log on, its easy to see what is new. Overall, good job though!... Read More


16:41 PM, 30th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Chances of getting rent from a Tier 2 long term staff migrant?

Reply to the comment left by "Neil Patterson" at "30/06/2017 - 09:33":

Thanks Neil...I'll try that.

I've never needed the rent guarantee before as I vet quite extensively and am always confident of affordability (most of my tenants at this property have income 3-4+ income times rent). So this last few months, with one tenant doing a runner and this tenant have been a bit of a side-swipe (and particularly annoying as I understand he gets a hotel-level allowance from his employer but seems to be tryng to cash in with a cheaper, long-term rental agreement that he had no intention of honouring) . I will look further in to the common-law tenancies - thanks for the suggestion. I understand from others that this particular employer does not do any type of coporate lets in the town (Swindon) though I have had several of their staff as tenants, but it is certainly an avenue to well as contacting them directly in this instance.

I do offer shorter tenancies at a 10% surcharge (to cover the fact that I can't sign anyone up until I know the last tenant has left in case the incumbant decides to stay for their full 6 month entitlement) and that has been useful in the past, though this tenant said he didn't need that when it was mentioned to him.

It may be that the 'threat' of contacting his employer will help him focus, though I'd still be grateful for anyones input on visas - specifically if there is somewhere to report an issue that would have consequences such as not being able to extend their stay.... Read More


11:36 AM, 8th November 2016, About 5 years ago

My daughter is the victim of a fraudulent letting agent - Help please

Does the Landlord want the tenants to leave just because they were not aware of the other 'arrangement' or because they have other plans for the property? It might be worth the tenants asking the landlord if they can stay (paying the landlord/landlord's agent all future rent) for which the tenants would need to be issued with a Section 48 notice.

This would at least get the tenancy on a proper footing while the other issues get sorted out. A full house of, what we assume are, good tenants on 12 month ASTs is of value to the Landlord.... Read More