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Maurice Mcguire

13:52 PM, 11th March 2021
About a month ago

EPCs - New ones issued via email link only?

Hi Can you please tell me if I can use equivalent to 50 mm foil quilt as insulation on walls in a flat is this recognised by EPS assessor.My assessor said his computer program will not accept this.Thanks... Read More

Maurice Mcguire

16:48 PM, 15th January 2021
About 3 months ago

EPC failed - Can’t let it, can’t sell it, can’t pay for the work?

Reply to the comment left by Phil lloyd at 15/01/2021 - 12:03
Thankyou Phil for the good advice.Three years ago I installed 25m installation with plasterboard facing would I be allowed to add another 25m on top of the existing boards to make the 50m required or would have to start again.The report also advised me to install insulation to the floor this would be very difficult as most of the large flat has wooden floors.Thanks again.... Read More