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John Walker

11:38 AM, 4th September 2018
About 2 weeks ago

Shelter shocked at result of 10%, no make that 4.7% or maybe zero

I suggest we send a selection of these and previous comments to Private Eye. They have a penchant for exposing overblown egos and businesses falsifying figures to justify their own positions, and would undoubtedly relish a crack at Shelter. In addition to which the publicity would certainly penetrate the corridors of power up and down the land far more effectively than P118 could dream of.... Read More

John Walker

14:55 PM, 24th August 2018
About 4 weeks ago

Free advice for Shelter

An excellent piece of work. I hope Appalled Landlord will do a similar piece on the latest figures, when published. I was aware that Shelter provided no accommodation whatsoever, but not the extent of their turnover, salaries paid and general piss poor management of their shops, for which as a charity they presumably pay no Council Tax. Suggest we all send the article and comments to our MPs and LAs.
As an alternative some might care to join Shelter, attend their AGM and point out a few of these salient facts to their supporters; might even generate a little publicity of the kind management would not appreciate.... Read More

John Walker

12:22 PM, 14th August 2018
About a month ago

Another Council Abandons Selective Licencing Proposals

I am currently thinking of purchasing a property in Liverpool as a BTL investment,
but comments re. SL there are making me reconsider. Any advice welcome, particularly in respect of term of initial licences, nominally 4 years.... Read More

John Walker

14:25 PM, 2nd August 2018
About 2 months ago

PRS critical HFI report - A Time for Good Homes

My own properties are all to a good standard of repair, with CH, DG, etc. including EPCs. yet are blithely classed as 'unsatisfactory' by this opinionated lady. She is obviously completely deluded when asserting six million people have been disadvantaged by the PRS, providing poor quality homes at greatly inflated rental charges. All PRS properties are 'bad', all social housing is 'good'. What arrant nonsense!
How does such an ignorant person manage to have her views published?... Read More

John Walker

12:34 PM, 26th July 2018
About 2 months ago

Fed up with all the landlord bashing - What's the alternative?

Hi Jahangir,
I am gradually reducing my commitment to managing my own properties by employing the services of I suggest you talk to your local office to discuss which services you require, though they are not very active in this area they have proved adequate so far ( their office is some 50 miles distant) and their rates are acceptable... Read More