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10:55 AM, 17th February 2021, About 8 months ago

Management Company Overcharging?

yes, you can challenge the service charge according to the given laws. I think you can get an apt help at the valuation experts and you also get enlighten about leasehold expiry.... Read More


9:29 AM, 24th December 2020, About 10 months ago

Is purchase of freehold fair value?

First you should calculate the valuation by yourself of the leasehold to buy and then after getting amount you should negotiate with them and then if he don't node to your bid price then you should buy the property.... Read More


6:17 AM, 22nd December 2020, About 10 months ago

Planning ahead - 72 Years Remaining on Lease

Hi brother, I think still there is a scope of talk between us, cause still there 66 years remaining for your extension. We can discuss at https://www.leaseholdvaluations.com/ and if you want to calculate your remaining premium I think you should use https://www.leaseholdvaluations.com/lease-extension-calculator/ for better and accurate results. Hope to see you other side in the chatbox. Thank you so much to https://www.property118.com/planning-ahead-72-years-remaining-lease/ for serving such platform to meet new people and expand our business. Thank you so much once again.... Read More


9:45 AM, 16th December 2020, About 10 months ago

Lease extension - how to calculate the premium

I think using calculator is the best option to get exact amount of premium... During my process I used https://www.leaseholdvaluations.com/lease-extension-calculator/ you can use it too.... hope it will help you.......
And one thing after getting process of calculation done in your process you should know how to negotiate for lease extension, Only smart people don't follow theirs agent's words otherwise they corn so many people by just their words.... Read More