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Saturday 26th July 2014

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Sean Newington

19:08 PM, 10th September 2014
About 6 years ago

Next steps to build my property portfolio?

Hi all, sorry I've come to this a bit late. 😛

I've just done this calculation on a three bed @ £600pcm.

so 7200 - 25% = 5400

5400 / 7% = £771.4285

is this the "MAX" PCM or PA? because I'm paying more??? 🙁

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Sean Newington

23:10 PM, 3rd August 2014
About 7 years ago

Lease option calculations

Yes, I was hoping to gauge the responses on here as to how to proceed. Simply put, hes got to sell. I want to take the two properties over because I think I'd do a better job. Its investing I want to acheave. But I'd do my research first and be a better LL. If I Had the cash up front I could make this a good deal. Thank you both.... Read More