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14:09 PM, 25th February 2022, About 3 months ago

White Goods clause in rental property?

One of my tenants pays a bit extra so they have a washing machine supplied by me. So you could build in a bit of ‘warranty type’ cover into the rent or gift them the white products. But they could legally take them with them if they move.
None of these products are overly expensive anymore.... Read More


19:57 PM, 27th October 2021, About 7 months ago

Kerching! Birmingham City Council Decides to Cash-in on Landlords

Shocking, actual words from the survey:
Council believes selective licensing can help contribute to its objectives for reducing crime, for example: by leading to a reduction in incidents of environmental crime (by ensuring appropriate waste disposal facilities at the property), reducing home burglary rates (by ensuring entry points are secure), promoting the welfare and safety of occupants in privately rented homes (by ensuring the landlord is ‘fit and proper’), preventing illegal evictions, and promoting better information gathering to reduce financial crime such as fraud. It also believes selective licensing can help address some of the elements that cause deprivation, by improving housing standards and the external physical environment (e.g. by requiring landlords to ensure their properties are in a good state of repair, adequately heated and not overcrowded etc).... Read More