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Wednesday 25th November 2020

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8:34 AM, 10th November 2021, About 3 weeks ago

What do changing EPC and heat pump requirements mean for the PRS?

I for one will be selling the bulk of my buy to let portfolio as a result of the proposed introduction of heat pumps and the EPC requirement to reach C.
Heat pumps are a non starter due to the expense and for all the reasons outlined above. They are inefficient, cost a fortune to run and repair and when you need heat the most in the winter, they struggle to heat the rooms. I would say they will only produce background heat in the bulk of uk homes. They work in other countries for new builds which have masses of insulation, solar panels, triple glazing and underfloor heating, which unfortunately, most UK homes do not have.
The EPC rating of C has so many problems for landlords - there is no guarantee a C rating will be achieved, even after spending thousands on the work.
The tenant will have to vacate the property in order to do all the wall insulation required, so no rent coming in but the mortgage will still have to be paid. If a landlord has multiple properties or a single buy to let, the costs are prohibitive.
If this is made law, I foresee a mass exodus of landlords from the market.... Read More