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13:20 PM, 21st September 2020
About 2 months ago

Myth-busting - Electrical Safety installations Act 2020

Thank you Andrew and Bill, what a great article and thread to help landlords understanding this subject.
I had a EICR carried out recently for a new build 10 years old flat that I rented out. The electrician came and said because the plastic consumer unit only has 1 RCD (for sockets) so it needed a new metal unit. Also the smoke and heat alarms are just over 10 years old so need replacing. I asked him to do only necessary works to past the test he then suggested to add on a 2nd RCD instead of new unit and leave the alarms for now. I agreed but when he tried to add on 2nd RCD it tripped the heating and lights circuit so he gave up and said he will issue a 3 year satisfactory EICR with lots of C3 notes but I received a 5 year satisfactory EICR with no notes apart from stated sampling tested 33% only.
My questions are
1. will council accept a satisfactory EICR stated only 33% was tested?
2. is it a legal requirement to have smoke/heat alarms within 10 years old?
3. is it a legal requirement to have 2 RCDs on fuse board? It seems strange to me that everything was working fine before the electrician tried to add on a 2nd RCD, was it likely to be the fault of the electrician’s workman ship/equipment to cause it tripped?
Any commends are appreciated. thanks... Read More