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Ann Diamond

8:13 AM, 1st August 2020, About A year ago

Are courts going to turn vehemently anti-landlord?

A similar thing happened to me a few years ago. Court awarded me a couple of thousand pounds and suggested the ex tenant was willing to pay 1p per month.... Read More

Ann Diamond

10:22 AM, 12th January 2019, About 3 years ago

Direct payment of Universal Credit to landlords - Online system being developed

I have had a number of tenants in the past for whom the local authority paid the rent directly to me. They paid every 28 days in arrears rather than p.c.m. in advance as per my agreement. With no warning payments would cease, reasons being given that the tenants circumstances had changed or that they had not replied to a letter. It would then take weeks for the payments to be reinstated.
I have also been in the position where I was expected to sign an agreement before the prospective tenant could be told how much they would be getting. Luckily that tenant had a deposit and first months rent to give me otherwise I would not have taken the chance.
It is time that they acknowledged that without us private landlords there would be far more people living on the streets.... Read More

Ann Diamond

8:18 AM, 16th March 2018, About 4 years ago

Do I just write off the judgement?

I think you should first consider if it is worth all the hassle. You don't say how much you are owed but I had a case where a tenant was encouraged to stay in my property by the local council, without paying rent, whilst they redecorated somewhere for him. He left owing over £1000 as well as having trashed the place and of course the council rehoused him three days before the bailiffs were due to call.
He offered to pay one penny a month which the court asked me to consider!
I decided to cut my losses and avoid all the worry. So often these people don't have the money anyway.... Read More

Ann Diamond

13:13 PM, 27th September 2017, About 4 years ago

Welfare Reform Week - Your chance to feedback to DWP on Universal Credit

Recently had a tenant, single mum, rent paid direct to me from Council. She wanted her boyfriend to move in with her which I agreed to. She went to the council to tell them this was going to happen whereupon they immediately stopped all payments.
She and the boyfriend were put onto universal credit, their first payment was not made for over a month leaving them in arrears on the rent and in debt for living expences. She is trying to pay this off when she can but it is not easy.
Our rental agreement clearly states that rent is due each month in advance but when a tenant is on benefits this is impossible as benefits payments are always in arrears. Now, if the tenant misses one payment, she is in fact two months in arrears and could be in danger of being evicted.
The council had agreed to pay me directly because of her previous history of not being able to manage her money and now this is no longer possible her situation is insecure.... Read More

Ann Diamond

9:12 AM, 19th July 2016, About 5 years ago

Is this normal tenant behaviour placing laminate on top of carpet?

I had a tenant who put vinyl flooring over woodblock which resulted in the wood rotting underneath.
They had been in the property for 14 years and had never missed a payment so along with other 'improvements' they had made which had to be undone, I decided it was a small price to pay.
Over the 40 odd years I have been renting out this property I have taken quite a few tenants on housing benefit with absolutely no problems at all until the last three years when I have had two in a row who have defaulted on payments and left the place in a terrible condition. One I had to evict and do battle with the local authority who decided to tell me that the property was in need of urgent repairs - all due to the tenant - and then refused to rehouse him until the bailiff was about to call.
I had decided to put the property on the market and was working on it when a the people next door asked me if their son and his family could take it on. They are not on benefits I am pleased to say !
With the pressure on rental housing I think it is becoming more and more difficult for people on benefits to find a nice home. I have tried to have a dialogue with my local authority but letters and emails go unanswered. I did have a meeting with a housing officer who saw an advert of mine and wanted to introduce a family to me but unfortunately he could not work with the benefits department to give me any assurance that they would get sufficient funds from them.
Another young lady who wanted rent a flat I own could get no assurance from the benefits office until she had a signed tenancy agreement. After a very tearful meeting and with the young lady being heavily pregnant, an officer did agree to tell me verbally that she would get enough to pay the rent.
As she has an abusive boyfriend who was taking all her money they agreed to pay me direct but I wonder if this will continue after universal credit takes effect.
In future I will not take the risk of DSS tenants if I can help it which is very sad.
As to managing the property myself I would not hesitate to recommend it. This site is very useful in giving guidance and it will save you a lot of money.... Read More