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Friday 17th July 2020

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14:29 PM, 25th September 2020
About 8 months ago

Winter Economy Plan leaves landlords out in the cold

I dread the knock on effect - no job - no rent - no mortgage payed - no property - no income ! Landlord licensing is coming to our area soon does that include vacant properties and is council tax payable too?... Read More


11:53 AM, 14th September 2020
About 8 months ago

Electric safety certificate/CCU/fuse board

The danger is a loose connection which can arc over under a heavy load and catch fire depending what it's next to! Go for metal - make sure it's earthed. I haven't got E18 otherwise I'd do it myself! Had 2 flats done at £500 each = £1000!!! Another electrician wanted £700 for laying a piece of wire provided boards were already up! Errrr... Read More


11:19 AM, 22nd July 2020
About 10 months ago

Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

You're getting off lightly. I've just had 2 flats done at £500 each. Apparently 'this that and the other' needed doing ??? !!!... Read More