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13:57 PM, 18th January 2021
About 3 months ago

EICR report - fail (C2) smoke alarms expired?

As far as I know [as a contractor carrying out EICR’s] the purpose of the EICR is to establish the safety of the electrical installation. So that would be to me the circuit cables, test readings etc. The actual smoke alarm in my opinion would only warrant as worst a C3 or just a recommendation. You could argue that its part of the fixed installation but there again so is the cooker does that get tested ? I think not. For further guidance head of to Electrical Safety First and download “Best Practice 4” issue 5 [the most up to date version] This is where everybody should start first. It’s the industry standard. Then subject to the actual installation coding from that point. You will also find guidance for landlords via a different guide. Hope this helps... Read More