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David Dennis

17:34 PM, 27th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Evicting Family Members

I was interested to note that there have been no comments about not having a normal AST Agreement. Does this mean that the monthly, presumably verbal agreement, is all that is necessary and a section 21 notice can still be used?... Read More

David Dennis

14:51 PM, 28th November 2012, About 9 years ago

I'm evicting tenants but I want to help them

To answer the questions from 'Zeeblebum' I list
them as follows:

1. The tenants are adult man and lady not
married. There are no children or any others in the house.

2. They are not vulnerable as such.. just
a bit slow to help themselves.

3. Apart from the rent arrears there have
been no other problems.

4. They have low income. A recent
increase in child maintenance payments taken at source from his wages
seem to have tipped them over the edge. The fact they he doesn't drive has made
it harder for him to seek other jobs.

5. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) give
their income as £1220 per month plus £429 p.m. Employment and Support allowance. They are both working and I do not receive any LHA
although I did at one point when he wasn't working. They have other
debts and the child support increase seems to have caused them to
stop paying their rent.

6. I bought the house with the tenants
in. They paid the rent without problems for 18 months and then when they fell
behind, it transpired that they had been topping up their rent with their
savings, which had now run out.

7. The current eviction stage is that
they were served Section 21 and Section 8 Notices last year and we did
not enforce either as we were trying to help them by giving them more time
to reduce their arrears. We are now able to go for the accellerated procedure
followed by a bailiff, if they don't vacate. We will not go for the Court
hearing to get their arrears paid, because they have no money.

8. The Local authority is in Wales:
Blaenau Gwent.

I hope this gives a better picture.... Read More

David Dennis

9:15 AM, 13th October 2011, About 10 years ago

Landlords Log Part 12 - Holiday Lets Discussion

We bought a new townhouse in Portugal, in the eastern Algarve. The idea was to rent it out for holiday lets and take winter breaks ourselves. We had a letting agent to manage the house and to find tenants. In practice, we found that the agency dealt with repairs efficiently, but of course there was an extra payment to them and coupled with their annual management charge and high fees for meeting guests, seeing them out and arranging for cleaning and laundry, we found that that there wasn't much profit! Also they didn't find many holiday tenants.

We have now ditched the letting agency and found a local English person to do the management and we find our own guests by advertising the house on 'Owner's Direct' website, which works well. In additon, we have found an English family to rent the house through the winter months, each winter, so as an investment it is now working well. The only trouble is we never get out there!!... Read More