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11:30 AM, 20th January 2021, About 9 months ago

Deciding the way forward for my exit?

How about looking into Rent to buy with your existing tenants.... Read More


10:43 AM, 28th August 2020, About A year ago

Tenant eviction ban is bad news for All

I have decided that enough is enough and am selling up when possible. I have been investing in property since 2006 and have seen things go bad in a big way. The Government is determined to destroy small landlords and I personally have only lost money in property as the events happen. My so called legacy for my children has turned into a poisoned chalice and they do not want anything to do with it as they cannot take the hassle. I had 7 rental houses and will be reducing them as soon as they become available as I do not want to evict anyone from their homes. I have 2 houses that have been vandalised and a tenant who has gone to prison and I still cannot get my house back. I have to wait for the courts! How ridiculous can this get. I really feel like stopping paying anything and screw the consequences... Read More