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Thursday 9th July 2020

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KrisTina Ve87

7:06 AM, 9th July 2020, About 2 years ago

Sub-letting tenant breaching contract but refusing to leave?

I can feel your pain.I have problems with tenant as well, who refusing to move ,because don't have where. Using covid as an excuse, not paying rent more than half year,damaged property, didn't report water leaking, flooded bathroom, damaged walls and ceiling. Breached contract in lots of paragraphs. Contract was for half an year, which already finished in May. It had to be reviewed after and i had to decide if I want them to continue tenancy or asking them to move. She, the tenant ,ignored me when I didn't agree to extend tenancy, told that I cannot remove her from house because of situation with covid, basically laughed to my face as I can't do anything. Now I found out that she's renting a room for someone without my knowledge, the person paying weekly rent and I've got nothing from all 7 months she paid me 200£ in total, not counting the day when she moved, than she paid as was asked 250bond and 450monthly rent.this was her first and last time when she paid in full.sick and tired of all of this. Lost the hope to get help in this covid time. Government soon gonna throw landlords on street without nothing because soon I won't be able to pay mortgage on house rented and to pay mortgage and bills in house where I'm living. That's shame that government gave hand to one side but took from another nearly everything... Read More