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11:02 AM, 5th February 2021, About 12 months ago

NRLA wants Holiday Lets to be hammered the same way as BTL?

This is a mischievious headline! This isn't what NRLA have said. Clearly, they are asking for parity and more favourable tax environment to deal with the lack of supply of homes. And I'm pleased they are picking up this unfair issue.... Read More


9:23 AM, 8th January 2021, About A year ago


19:55 PM, 16th November 2020, About A year ago

Legal action against Government's lockdown evictions ban

Am I getting this right, the JR was simply challenging the fact that the ban on bailiff enforcement was done by letter rather than through legislation? All that has been announced today by Govt is exactly that. Not sure it gets landlords very far?... Read More


13:28 PM, 28th September 2020, About A year ago

No Furlough for landlords?

I find it hard to believe that landlords should be furloughed (and I am a landlord). Surely making sure tenants can pay and that the courts are open is the way to go, in my view the approach nrla has set out is the most realistic in the circumstances, esp as most tenants are paying,... Read More


22:42 PM, 30th June 2020, About 2 years ago

ARLA write to Secretary of State for Justice over possessions backlog

Arla are asking Government to do something, even though they have already established a working group to look at how best to reopen the courts. I understand NRLA are on this group and ARLA Arent - Im not sure what arla are even asking for by issuing this letter? Certainly there are no ideas and they are clearly out of the loop it seems.... Read More