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23:06 PM, 10th June 2020, About 2 years ago

Tenant withholding rent due to boiler problems

Totally agree with Rush001. I've had my fair share of issues with boilers over the years and the tenants have generally been very understanding and appreciative that issues do occur and it takes time to get an engineer out, especially when you have service plans. You do, however, get the odd tenant who will insist on making matters more stressful than they need to be. I've created a management document, including privacy policy, repair timescales, defect logging and the such, which has all the information a tenant needs when renting a property I own. In that I've stated that boiler repairs will be attempted in a reasonable time frame (dependant on the manufacturer availability). Any issues and I've always referred tenants back up that document for most things. It's issued to them before they move in and even if they don't read it, they acknowledge that they've received it. This usually gives me some respite when dealing with problematic tenants. I used to try and be available 24/7, but I've learnt with time, you can't please everyone, plus, landlords deserve time to themselves too. Just my two pennies.... Read More