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16:03 PM, 11th October 2021, About 2 months ago

SAL reporting drops of 80% plus in PRS homes available

I have just sold my last flat in Scotland and exited the game north of the border for all the reasons outlined in the article.
The government have brought this chaos on themselves. Well, they can sort it out, I’m out of it and pleased to be so!... Read More


17:03 PM, 4th October 2021, About 2 months ago

One HMO tenant left after Section 21?

Reply to the comment left by Mark Weedon at 04/10/2021 - 12:02
Agreed. I’ve used “pay to leave” successfully in several situations, they all have thier price and of course it’s how much it’s worth to you for them to go on the quick.
I would suggest that one months rent is no where near enough with this stroppy individual!... Read More


10:53 AM, 9th July 2021, About 5 months ago

Have you paid a problem tenant to leave?

I’ve used pay to leave several times but only with private tenants. One because I had sold the property with vacant possession, two due to non payment and rent arrears. You have to take a commercial view, the alternative being a long long wait and no rent with increasing costs.... Read More


17:46 PM, 26th April 2021, About 7 months ago

My battle with Rosinca formerly Mortgage Express?

Agree with the comment above. Also agree that Topaz are sharks. I have several mortgages with them now, ex B & B, UKAR.
Just as I was about to exchange on a property sale and redeem the mortgage with them they deliberately downgraded the OMV’s of the others to put me in a “technical” breach of mortgage conditions to do with loan to value ratios, and threatened me with redemption refusal of the loan/ property in question, and exercising thier “right to consolidate” and force the sale/repossession of all of them, unless I paid £24,000 for them to allocate without reference to me to whichever mortgage’s they wanted. I paid it, which ruined my plans financially for the portfolio for 18 months. The money had been allocated for essential maintenance. The mortgages were discounted base rate trackers so cheap as chips and my credit/mortgage record AAA+. Since then I have sold and/or remortgaged elsewhere at greater cost just to spread the risk, and of course the values have gone up!
They bought the UKAR loan book sooo cheaply they can repossess, distress/fire sale the assets and still make bundles.
NOT to be trusted!... Read More


18:05 PM, 29th March 2021, About 8 months ago

Selective Licensing fines for minor breaches?

Reply to the comment left by Paul Shears at 29/03/2021 - 12:27
It’s generally a condition applying to a licence in a selective licensing area... Read More