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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

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10:32 AM, 16th October 2020
About 6 days ago

HMO licence declined and I must now evict tenants?

If there has been a delay in the LA making a determination of granting of the Licence the authority may not be within it's rights to refuse it see: https://www.londonpropertylicensing.co.uk/how-quickly-should-hmo-licence-application-be-processed... Read More


20:34 PM, 22nd April 2020
About 6 months ago

The next Goliath in the additional HMO licensing battle?

I am also a LL in Coventry and have a number of mandatory HMOs that have all taken in excess of 12 months for the Council to process. It is evident from the ever growing list of properties where the licence decision has yet to be determined, that the CCC do not have the ability to process these applications within a "reasonable time". I will likely have a further three properties that will be subject to the AL scheme come May. The CCC will probably be sat on my application fees of around £2000 for a year or more without actually doing anything.

The above should come as no surprise to anyone who attended any of the "Consultations" ran by the City Council and chaired by Adrian Chowns (Property Licencing Manager). I say "consultation", but really what transpired was Mr Chowns delivering his assessment of the proposed scheme, dissenters were limited to one question each! Furthermore, Mr Chowns has a very negative view of Landlords as a whole, at one point he said the following "10% of landlords are compliant, 80% (LL) don't know what they're doing and the remaining 10% were criminal". I was so astonished at this unfounded statement I wrote it down verbatim on my notes! I don't know where his data came from but it does go someway to indicate what Coventry Landlords are up against.... Read More