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Mark Goodman

17:24 PM, 20th April 2020, About A year ago

Yields - Long term let vs holiday let?

Thank you for all your replies.
Funnily enough Bill, I'm originally from Manchester and already have a house that is on an AST in Stockport.
Anyway, for the next investment (with the inheritance money) I am not looking at getting a mortgage, so any tax relief doesn't apply to me.
I would also be using an agent local to the area, as a poster has said, i don't want the 11pm phone calls saying the boiler has packed up.
I am still undecided. The GF wants us to have the use of a holiday home when it isn't rented out but I'm kinda thinking that we could make enough money each month by buying a house and letting it out on an AST which then gives us the money to go to a variety of AirBnB's instead of 'our own' one each time we go away.... Read More