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Gail Whittaker

17:16 PM, 23rd August 2021, About 4 weeks ago

View on flooring clauses in a tenancy?

I manage 3 properties myself. I let my long term tenants decorate to their own tastes and change the flooring if they want to. I would say carpets should last longer than 6 years if you don't wear shoes around the house. Some of my own carpets are 15 years old and have plenty of life left in them. So, no, I wouldn't replace carpets in a rented property. Suggest they have them cleaned if its just dirt. Obviously if they have worn out and have holes in then I would say you'd have to replace but I doubt if this is the case as 6 years old.... Read More

Gail Whittaker

18:07 PM, 22nd June 2021, About 3 months ago

EICR Confusion - ReTest ambiguity?

I had a house that failed and needed a new consumer unit. I had the work done by the same electrician and after he had fitted it he did a pass certificate which I copied and gave to my tenant. Apparently you have 30 days to give your tenant a copy of the certificate.
I'm not sure if a fail certificate then a installation certificate is the correct way to do it. I wouldn't be happy with that if it was me, especially considering the money you've paid out.

I also agree with other comments. The price you have paid was way too much.... Read More