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Tuesday 24th March 2020

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14:46 PM, 12th August 2020
About 8 months ago

Courts may adjourn possession cases without Covid-19 impact assessment

I agree with Hardworking landlord. I have just been informed of the Reactivation Notice from the person who works for us and he wants £250.00 to write it plus more money for another statement for the 3rd time to the county court that keeps getting adjourned. The tenant has now left on their own accord after 17mths of non payment of rent.
As a new landlord and helping this Polish family we are devastated with the way the tenants have behaved and disgusted with the way the courts have behaved.... Read More


13:01 PM, 22nd May 2020
About 11 months ago

Landlords taking the hit to support tenants

My friends tenants have not paid rent for 13 months. First hearing to take back possession of his property was a 15 minute court hearing but the magistrate was waiting on a phone call so it finished in 10 minutes and court was adjourned. Second was a direction hearing for 30 minutes and nothing was resolved there either. Court adjourned. On both occasions the court made a judgement for the tenant to pay the rent and a small payment to cover the arrears. No payment has yet been made. A loan had to be taken out to cover the mortgage of the property. In the beginning the landlord and tenants (a couple) got on well and they kept promising to pay but in the end a Section 21 was served. Then a Section 8. And here we are. Absolutely nowhere. Very frustrating and being a new landlord he is disheartened with the whole business. The tenant wins if the property goes to repossession. They can stay longer all the time living rent free.... Read More