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Jon Williams

12:16 PM, 14th April 2020, About A year ago

Covid-19 rental advice given by University - Help?

I am also in the student rental market (small portfolio Landlord). I am playing it right down the middle and citing the government document released (link below) that requires no change for tenants or landlords. Paras 1.1 & 1.6 refer. I have sent this to all my students and so far so good! Like others I do not wish to take matters through the small claims court but this is my primary means of living so I have to maintain a firm line and have that and the Guarantors as a backstop. I think we all need to stand firm on this matter; whilst I am sympathetic to their circumstances (i.e. year cut short) they are still getting their loans paid and a legal contract is a binding! I had a group try it on but as soon as I sent them the link they paid. Landlords can potentially get a payment holiday (although I hear some lenders are refusing for HMOs) but it's a misnomer - you still have to pay the loan back so it's no holiday!

Agree with others - reset and mention that advice has now been been published!

I am more concerned about September if all this isn't over. I have ASTs all signed up and they have paid the 1st months rent so in theory the contract is already underway. Anyone got any thoughts?... Read More

Jon Williams

10:15 AM, 28th March 2020, About A year ago

Covid-19 will crash my student BTL business?

Reply to the comment left by Grumpy Doug at 27/03/2020 - 12:50
Thanks Doug. Ultimately I am going to have to consider recourse to the Guarantors. Cheers for the links. I don't think the Gov't is going to help us and it's my understanding that income from property & Land doesn't qualify as self-employed (according to my Accountant). If you're lucky enough to have a Ltd Co and take a regular salary from the Lt Co then you may be OK. Keep the useful information coming. :-)... Read More

Jon Williams

10:10 AM, 28th March 2020, About A year ago

Covid-19 - Which BTL Lenders Are Playing Ball?

I hear that many lenders are excluding 'holidays' (Ha) on B2Lets on HMOs(House in Multiple Occupation). Anyone got any insights?... Read More

Jon Williams

10:07 AM, 28th March 2020, About A year ago

Latest HMRC guidance on Covid-19 support for Self-employed

My Accountant is advising that income from property and land (outside of a Ltd Co) is not classed as self-employment. Is this correct, because if true none of the above applies!?... Read More