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19:45 PM, 20th January 2022, About 2 days ago

Do I pay eccentric tenant's Gas Bill?

I always do the opening reads and closing reads with the tenant and take photos of them too on check in and check out so it can't be disputed.... Read More


23:40 PM, 17th January 2022, About 5 days ago

Keys and tenants own appliances?

Thank you for all your useful comments. As usual, I need to toughen up! I will also check all future contracts for details on the above, but as we know, contracts are barely worth the paper they are printed on from the tenant's side. In the meantime I will send an email around explaining the position regarding getting locked out and own appliances.... Read More


20:08 PM, 14th January 2022, About A week ago

Gove closes business rates loophole for nonholiday holiday homes

Will holiday lets have to conform to the strict rules and regulations that private landlords have to? I understand that they have only just had to provide carbon monoxide monitors and several deaths have occurred as a result. What is the position on gas safety certificates and electrical checks?... Read More


15:50 PM, 18th December 2021, About a month ago

DPS Statutory Declaration to rub salt into the wound?

Best to use and you can keep the deposit in your own account. I have never had a problem with tenants arguing about the relatively small sums I have had to deduct after a tenancy.... Read More


15:45 PM, 18th December 2021, About a month ago

All landlords are property tycoons with deep pockets?

I agree with the landlords above who, like me, have older properties. How they are used really affects condensation issues. One flat had terrible damp as the tenants packed bags and stuff against most of the walls. This was after I had made a partition wall as there was no cavity insulation. They did not heed my advice to move things away from the walls. The following two sets of tenants have had less stuff, nothing pushed against the walls, and it has been fine.
On the issue of spending upwards of £10K per property I absolutely cannot afford this. Income after expenses per flat is around £4.5K, if I am lucky.
I would love to help the environment, and I do in my own home, and with my life style, but I can't afford to do these measures across my 8 flat portfolio.
The government should enforce these measures over a much longer time period, to allow for the technology and expertise to improve and get cheaper. Also it is imperative that they put their own house in order first, as it were. Council and Social Housing is often the worse in the country and currently has no regulations even to meet the PRS 'E' statutory rating.... Read More