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18:56 PM, 2nd October 2021, About 3 weeks ago

One bad apple?

Apologies , I didn't mention the property is in Scotland, but as ever sound advice from everyone.
The planning permission is total nonsense, the current concern, is do we have building insurance with amateur electrical installations strapped to the building.... Read More


17:36 PM, 3rd January 2021, About 10 months ago

Mould with a Covid Twist?

Thanks for all the helpful comments,they have now had a burst pipe on the coldest night of the year so far ,despite their claims that "the radiator is always on in the the bathroom".
Hopefully they have realised they must keep the flat at a reasonable temperature, but only time will tell.
Apparently, I am not their Dad but blooming well feel like it!... Read More


15:14 PM, 28th December 2020, About 10 months ago

Rent to Rent Contracts - lots of questions?

Rent to Rent seems to be the preferred business of Youtube fantasy millionaires. This kind chap is happy to give you 1k a year income over 5 years while he keeps 60k for himself, how generous!

I did comment on it , my comment starts with "Utter Bol........."... Read More


7:13 AM, 18th December 2020, About 10 months ago

Lives blighted by the housing emergency and lack of social homes

Shelter as ever giving the general public the impression they actually house people.
Sadly we all know the reality of their "help" and "advice". Read More


21:05 PM, 20th November 2020, About 11 months ago

DIY Housing Association?

Hi Robert, are there employees in your housing association earning a reasonable salary?
I totally understand you may feel a public forum is not the place to discuss these matters.... Read More