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10:41 AM, 14th July 2020, About 2 years ago

Selling my rental property to the Local Authority

Reply to the comment left by Mike T at 13/07/2020 - 10:55
Hi Mike T, We served section 21 back in January, Then covid kicked in. Our tenant was meant to leave April, so couldnt and wouldnt, as she and her family are on the housing list and have no where to go. The housing officer has just been in touch to say that she has just gone through our forms and we have to serve form 6A as from April and must give 3 MONTH notice. We had to give our tenant deposit back and get her to sign all forms to prove we had done it. We have our gas certificates and energy performance certificate ready for October ( the new date of ending tenancy.) What a carry on, however we are lucky that we do get rent paid directly to us, otherwise we would be in trouble. Crazy time. Tenants housing officer has confirmed that we are now ready for possession order if we need it in October. I find the weird thing is having to give deposit back at the end of their tenancy and before they move out, so we landlords would have to chase them for any damages. Good luck.... Read More


15:39 PM, 15th April 2020, About 2 years ago

Tenancy expires during Covid-19 lockdown

I am in the same situation, My tenant had until 11th April to move out so I understand that I cannot go for possession order , but as I only give my tenant 2 and half months back at the end of January, does this mean I have to start the whole process again giving a new 3 months notice? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. The good news for me is I will still get the rent as my tenant is on housing benefit.... Read More


14:08 PM, 23rd February 2020, About 2 years ago

Will rent increase trigger UC application?

I put the rent up a few months ago, I receive rent direct from housing for her, ( she is also a pensioner). I didn't hear from them and she didn't receive a letter from them for a couple of months then when I checked my account the rent had automatically gone up. Good luck. I put the rent up by £30 per month, I hadn't put it up for a few years before that.... Read More