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18:29 PM, 17th February 2020
About 7 months ago

Review of Council Tax rule for HMOs - Petition

I am going through something pretty similar at the moment with planning .
I fell foul of planning over one of my hmo's that has been up and running now about 6 years. after they came and had a look around they have decided that all rooms are self contained and as such will charge £460x9 and £460 for the adjoining flat for planning fees . if i accept these finding , I'm sure that in due course i will have VOA on my back for all these new self contained units .
quite frankly i don't agree with planning and are looking at all options to challenge there decision .
The bedsits are all en suite and do have a worktop and cupboard to put your cornflakes in.
they share one central heating system and all utilities via the main body of the house .
if they want to cook or do laundry they would use the main kitchen.It's a ridiculous situation .
They have told me to remove the worktop and cupboard and they wont be classed as self contained ?. so making the tenants room less comfortable.
council bang on how they are trying to improve living conditions and yet want me to make things less comfortable .certainly not looking out for tenants... Read More