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Sunday 9th February 2020

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10:56 AM, 2nd December 2020
About 5 months ago

Latest tier restrictions are a pretty blatant attack on less wealthy areas of the country

What utter tosh!
The author's political views are blatantly apparent from his/her choice of politically inflammatory words. How sad. I thought this website's purpose was to share objective critique of property related matters, not be a mouth-piece for biased and ridiculous political propaganda, as is the case here.

The danger of statistics is that you can cut them anyway you like to prove/disprove a supposition, regardless of how arbitrary.... Read More


14:19 PM, 30th August 2020
About 8 months ago

Government changed law so most renters have 6 month notice period

"We are committed to bringing forward the Renters Reform Bill to abolish section 21..."

Why on Earth would you work so avertly against landlord's interests?! Section 21 is more often the only effective remedy that landords have in managing errant tenants. If you have the best interests of landlords at heart then PLEASE DESIST FROM YOUR EFFORTS TO ABOLISH SECTION 21.... Read More