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Tuesday 4th February 2020

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12:26 PM, 4th February 2020
About 10 months ago

Failed EPC Due to assumed no insulation?

Firstly, the Assessor has carried out the correct course of action, at times this is not understood by the client and he seems to have advised correctly.
Secondly, It is good to see assessors not cutting corners.

Yes this is a problem and as an assessor I have had similar issues. The assessor will have to age the building in accordance to the year it was built in, if there is a completion certificate then he can change the year of age in accordance to when the conversion was completed. Once this is inputted into the software it will take into consideration the building controls for that year and in your case 'assume' there is insulation which will have a difference to the score. As there is no evidence for this he would have to set the age of 1900's if its a mill and the building controls for that would assume there is no insulation (as an assessor I don't agree with this but unfortunately it is the rules. I have spoken to the auditors about this).

I have gone above and beyond at times and contacted the council and managed to obtain a completion certificate even though the landlord does not have one.
If this is a mill then I would assume others would have been converted also, its worth checking if these have passed recently and contacting the assessor (details are provided on the certificate) to see if they managed to obtain the necessary paperwork or getting the assessor to do this (not technically within his remit but it's something I do above and beyond for my clients).

As next actions:
- Contact your local council to see if they have a copy / some councils may state they can only give this to the landlords.

Not sure what area you are in in the UK but if it is in and around the Manchester area I don't mind assisting if I can.. feel free to message me.... Read More