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Saturday 25th January 2020

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12:52 PM, 25th January 2020, About 2 years ago

Nottingham Selective Licensing payment upfront!

As a responsible managing agent we applied for circa 80 licences on behalf of our various landlord clients well over a year ago, paying the initial application fee of £480.

Over 12 months of radio silence and then given notice that we had two weeks to pay the final instalment on behalf of each client! We quite simply did not hold that level of funds for each individual client but in explaining this were told that if we didn’t pay within two weeks we would be liable for additional admin fees. Because we have waited over a year but now it’s clearly critical that payment is made and the licence issued within a fortnight!

So we have refused to pay these threatened admin fees and they are apparently reviewing the matter. Part of me hopes they insist on payment because this farcical situation ending up in court and covered by every possible media outlet might just show to a wider audience quite how ludicrous NCC licensing scheme is. I never thought I would come across a worse licensing scheme than Liverpool’s but NCC take the prize!... Read More