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Michael Freer

9:55 AM, 15th August 2018, About 4 years ago

Where can I go when the Energy Ombudsman takes tenant's word?

That's a fine pickle to be in and one we all face from time to time.
A few thoughts that you may have already been through:
Did the tenant put in writing to you they were going to vacate on the 26th? If so, then he was, under the terms of the AST, still resident until this time so liable for utilities until that date.
Did the tenant's Council Tax liability end on the 25th or 1st? If it's the latter, it further demonstrates they were still at the address during the time EON is trying to charge you.
If your photo of the meter has a date and time stamp (metadata or in the picture) on it for the 25th then you've got some solid evidence, EON would have to prove as incorrect.
If you've been through the above already then maybe as others have indicated, it's best to take it on the chin, work out how to stop it happening in the future and get a better tenant into the property, if you haven't already, then chalk this all up as a learning point.... Read More

Michael Freer

12:42 PM, 6th October 2017, About 5 years ago

Smoke Detector Requirements for 3 bedroom Flat

Hello Jon

No insult or slight was intended, it was simply stirring the pot by giving a perspective.

The time taken to seek clarity, that may never completely arrive, (some say CO monitors are only required where solid fuel burners are present, yet Peterborough Council Landlord Licensing Scheme insist one is present where there is a gas boiler too) is to me time wasted. Putting wired smoke and heat detectors in, meets with the "common" view of being safe and is relatively cheap; having this would probably give you adequate (there is no cast-iron guarantee) defence should you ever end up in court.

You may need to add things in the future as and when there is a nationwide standard created. Until then enjoy the peace of mind that you've done what the majority of LL's on here would do and get on with growing your property business. You could always go with the wireless option and probably get away with it, my view on this is my mobile will choose to "lose the signal" at the most inappropriate times a landline can be relied on 99.9999% of the times to not disconnect you.

Your personality may mean that you need to gain a full picture and that's OK, some might say I'm too laid back, we are all different.

If you do continue your quest, thank you for being so diligent and persistent and if you do uncover the categoric answers so many others also crave in this area, it would be really appreciated if you could post something on this site for others to reference.... Read More

Michael Freer

9:28 AM, 6th October 2017, About 5 years ago

Smoke Detector Requirements for 3 bedroom Flat

If you take a high-level view of this it sounds like you are looking to save money rather than protect your tenants.
A few extra pounds to have linked, mains powered detectors (heat in the kitchen, smoke elsewhere) installed demonstrates to the current and future tenants that you care, without having to be there and there's no need to lose any sleep.
The regs may change over time, be ahead of the game on stuff like this.
Looking to cut corners where safety is concerned can indicate that you've lost sight of what being a landlord is all about, providing appropriate quality to the area product that people want to and enjoy living in - oh, and you make a profit by doing it (if you are doing it right).... Read More

Michael Freer

20:10 PM, 22nd February 2017, About 5 years ago

New Tenant - something not quite right

Reply to the comment left by "Dani Hicks" at "22/02/2017 - 18:12":

Sorry for using an abbreviation Dani, RGI = Rental Guarantee Insurance - The company I use are Best Insurance in Brighton (0330 330 9465), Jamie can help you out if you are interested in understanding what it covers.... Read More

Michael Freer

17:53 PM, 22nd February 2017, About 5 years ago

New Tenant - something not quite right

Your gut instinct is important and it's giving you conflicting guidance, otherwise you wouldn't have posted here. Gut instinct alone is not a sound thing to base your business on.

Having a 6-month rent payment upfront, may ring cannabis farm alarm bells. Meet with her in person and ask why this is being put on the table? Then watch her body language closely for clues of a hidden story or lies, you'll spot them. If you are uncertain at any point, walk away.

If she passes your test of her but she's failing credit checks ask her for a guarantor that will pass them and then get RGI on the guarantor. If she fails to pay her rent after any period of time you revert to the guarantor and if they don't pay you can claim on the RGI and all court costs are paid for too, plus with a good policy they take care of all the case processing too. All you have to do is bank the cheques they send you.

If she can't provide a guarantor walk away.

Now you are using your gut as a guide and letting sound procedures and safeguards protect you. That's good business sense.... Read More