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Monday 13th January 2020

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11:37 AM, 8th June 2020
About 2 months ago

Eviction Ban Extended 2 Months Until 23rd August

A government that mismanaged cornoavirus resulting in the UK having the second largest death toll in the world. Clear double standards from the government in regards to this new extension. On one hand you want to open up all non essential services by 15 June but not possession and eviction. It has given the green light to rouge tenants to continue to abuse the system further especially those who are in months of rent arrears and had nothing do with the virus.... Read More


10:51 AM, 15th April 2020
About 4 months ago

Hit with a 9 month Rent Repayment Order from my Tenants?

Hi Maz,

RRO of the type you have described needs council backing. You mentioned that they were happy with the selective license. I highly doubt the tenants will be able to bring a valid claim forward. You may wish to know that local authorities can vary selective license to additional license (also known as minor HMO). If it is a major HMO license or mandatory one with 5 or more people then you will have issues.

Hope this helps
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