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Lesley Eddy

12:12 PM, 23rd November 2014
About 6 years ago

Selective Licensing Consultations

As a breed, us landlords do seem to be quite insular, and totally agree and think that instead of moaning and groaning to ourselves that it is about time we all got together and made our voices heard. The country would be in a bit of a state if we all gave up!... Read More

Lesley Eddy

13:29 PM, 12th June 2014
About 7 years ago

How to deal with DPS Deposits when a tenant renews their tenancy

That is what I have done, but I also type something up for them to sign, dated, saying that they have received the T&C's and prescribed info, and that I also confirm that the deposit is protected with the DPS, after of course checking that nothing has gone awry. Assuming that this is the correct procedure, as you can't put the tenants in the position of having to find the deposit again, albeit for a short while.... Read More