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kaite saul

15:48 PM, 10th June 2014, About 8 years ago

Twisted Firestarter - Tenant Hoarding Newspapers

I am the kind of tenant that you are talking about, I had a 2nd bedroom filled with papers and boxes of things. I am not proud of it but before you know it got out of hand, I now look at it was it a way to have some senses of control because I felt a lack of control regarding everything in my life and a huge sense of grief to do with a relative that had died.

It is a form of OCD and my letting agents saw how it was and said it was not a problem and it was the same as if I was collecting Russian dolls, there words.

I guess you manage the property, does it bother you?, do you have other issues with the tenant. My hording was controlled to one room, if if is a problem talk to the lady. Explain that you need to get her to get rid of it, say that if she can start a bag a week.

I would say that works better than getting Environmental health straight in, talk to her first of all.

I have since moved out into a another flat and I no longer have the problem as such I keep a check on it.

It is weird that you have the this attachment to paper, she could have other issues going on, lonely etc.

I hope this helps.

Say that it is becoming a problem if it is, do it gently and say can she start going through it.... Read More