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Tom Reynolds

12:28 PM, 7th June 2014, About 8 years ago

Selective Licensing - Liverpool landlord needs help

I should point out that there has been conversation with Liverpool Council for nearly two years in connection with Selective Licensing across the City region. It was supposed to be consulted on a year ago but was held up by the Legal Deoartment of the Council. I presume that were doubts in the legal minds about the veracity if a citywide approach. When they appeared ready to start, they mentioned a licence fee of £400.00 per property which would total £20 million pouinds and they were asking for help with ideas for discounts.
Six months later, the figure had risen to £500.00 and I assume this increase is to allow them to offer considerable and enticing discounts for landlords willing to sign up early.
This is their method of enforcement. They do not need a budget for enforcement in itself as there will not be any. Just as there is no enforcement for HMO licensing manifesting in something like 30% of these still unlicensed after 7 years.
There is a great deal of evidence of prior determination in this matter and I believe that the first sign of this was when the legal team were pursuaded to agree to the consultation by, presumeably, the elected Mayor.
I know that his ten point pledge only referred to a consultation and not the effecting of licensing but I have difficulty in having any thought that Mr Anderson's decision is not pre determined.
This could be point one of any legal challenge.... Read More