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Peter Wood (alias) Hawkeye

11:49 AM, 24th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Fence dispute with Housing Association?

When you say 'the fence is believed to be a shared fence as the property deeds do not show a “T” on either side of the boundary and no evidence to dispute this has been found'. Where did you search ? Just the land registry, just your deeds / the HA deeds / the Councils records dept / the HA planning dept / historical imagery, etc.

Do you have anything in writing from the HA to say that it is a 'presumed' shared fence, and so implying that they (or their tenants) are liable for 50% repair costs ?

As Chris says 'You should be able to look to the Housing Association to share the cost of remedying the situation and that it would be up to them to recover that cost from their tenants, if the latter is applicable. The Citizen's advice bureau should be able to help with tenancy questions, perhaps visit them with your neighbour - show you would like to help, show you care..

However, if it is a big fence, you may want to consider involving a solicitor & subsequent costs ? or if nothing worked out in your favour at the end, could you afford to have the work done yourself ?

However, there does seem to be a principle involved, for part responsibility, whether or not the HA admit it.

I would formerly notify the HA in writing (to the appropriate person) that you believe it is their responsibility (unless they can prove otherwise) and that the fence now has to be repaired, due to it's condition, and that it has been over a year since you first contacted them, and they have not had the work done.

Say that unless you hear back from them within 30 days, you will get 3-4 quotes for the fencing work, and that you will expect them to pay 50% of the cost as a shared boundary. Notify them again within a further 30 days, of your chosen supplier, and that you will proceed to have the work undertaken, and you will be seeking a 50% shared cost for the work.... then decide if you want to go ahead, but you have given them two months to come to a formal arrangement.... Read More

Peter Wood (alias) Hawkeye

10:25 AM, 24th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Fence dispute with Housing Association?

As the tenants are elderly and seem amenable, a helper approach may work. I would approach them and kindly say 'I'm sure as tenants, that you should not be responsible for the boundary, and sure that the HA is wrong. If I was to look through your tenancy agreement with you, perhaps we can get something done about it. I don't see why you should have to pay,as they are the landlords'. Good Luck... Read More

Peter Wood (alias) Hawkeye

10:52 AM, 15th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Peter Wood (alias) Hawkeye

9:41 AM, 15th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Advice on Damp problems - are these damp specialists trying to make a quick buck?

There's really good food for thought here and suggestions that you may have not contemplated, and I would like to add another ..... it is a plug (but not for me!)

Are you aware that building Thermography and it's use to help pinpoint the point of entry and to trace the flow of damp, and will provide visual evidence of the problem.

It's non-invasive (but there is a cost), but is more than worth it to truly locate what / where your problem is, as well as give peace of mind, as to where work really need to be done, with the added benefit of being able to show the visual results tenants, insurers, surveyors or third party remediation specialists. ... and if required, a 2nd survey sometime post repairs would confirm if now all OK.

I've forwarded this question to ScanTherm, in Tonbridge, Kent whom I have asked to comment directly, as not sure where your problem property is located.

For the record, I specialise in Hi-level Photo - Video - InfraRed visual surveys of buildings to 24m (7/8 storey level!), great for landlords with multi-occupancy or tall properties ..... all without the expense, time and cost of inspection scaffolding.

Please excuse the last plug, but many people, landlord, solicitors, building surveyors just do not know that we do exists and how we can help.
... anyway I trust you do cure your damp problem, and I'm sure somewhere on this forum, lies the solution.... Read More