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Dru Patel

12:32 PM, 13th December 2019
About 6 months ago

How do I get away from my awful letting agents?

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 10/12/2019 - 11:06
Update - I sent a very polite but to-the-point email about how unhappy I have been with the service in the last few years and that this feels like the last straw. I said I am no longer comfortable with using them to manage my property. They've replied instantly saying they will refund my letting fee, I shouldn't have been charged it in the first place as I'm on a fully managed service etc.

Completely ignored the part where I said I don't want to use them anymore, and not to mention that had I have just taken this quietly (as I was tempted to in order to minimise extra stuff on my plate right now) they would have happily kept my £1400.

Even now, I had sent them photos two weeks ago of damage left by the old tenants and chased twice on what to do about it with no response.

I know that it may seem like a win that I've been refunded, but I didn't ask for that. What I really want is to just pay them a finders fee and be rid of them. Every interaction is excruciating - it feels like I'm paying £160 a month to be more stressed than if I just had direct communication with the tenants!... Read More