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14:49 PM, 22nd January 2020
About 5 days ago

Rent guarantor service - Should I proceed?

Reply to the comment left by Auntie P . at 21/01/2020 - 22:13
Absolutely Auntie P! I have never defaulted on a payment in my life, but my Equifax rating is dreadful. I asked to see my credit file, expecting identity theft, but there is nothing on there whatsoever except proof of various contracts I have had over the years with companies such as Sky tv and O2, and always paid in full and on time. I emailed them and asked them. Why is my credit rating so low? They told me it is because I have moved house so many times, I am rarely on the electoral roll, and I have never had a credit card in my 38 years on earth. So it’s very possible that your prospective tenant has never even been in debt, or has mistakes on their record. Don’t judge until you have seen the evidence.... Read More


5:34 AM, 21st January 2020
About 6 days ago

Assistance dog increase?

Be careful-it will be disability discrimination next if you refuse to rent to a tenant with a dog for her anxiety.... Read More


20:51 PM, 13th January 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Housing Allowance increase not enough!

They just do not seem to understand that if they restored LHA rents, they would significantly reduce their homelessness problem.... Read More


18:42 PM, 11th January 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Best way to enforce judgement?

Hi Andy. I can’t believe nobody has answered this before. You need your tenant’s new address, as you can’t harass the next of Kin. A writ cannot legally be obtained to collect any money from them, or seize goods. But any decent tracing agent nowadays will be able to trace someone in hours, if not a day or two for the most devious of tenants with like 20 aliases! The fact that your tenant handed back the keys AND telephoned the court to cancel the bailiff before they moved out, is rare, so it suggests that this tenant WON’T be difficult to find, and may cooperate with any repayment arrangements you try setting up. So the best thing is to trace them, and then make contact them by letter, asking them to pay up. Give them the opportunity to enter into a repayment arrangement with you, based on what they can afford. Decide what you think is reasonable for them to repay you every month, bearing in mind that they now have a new property to pay for, and ask for that. If they won’t play ball, then you can go to court for an Attachment of Earnings out of their wages, if they are working, OR you can obtain an CCJ for the money. Then if they don’t pay up, take it to the High Court, and get high court enforcement agents to go and collect the debt. Please let the forum know what happens!... Read More


4:10 AM, 7th January 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Jenrick overhauls tenancy agreement to help end pet bans

Reply to the comment left by wanda wang at 06/01/2020 - 21:09Alright, well I am moving in to your gaffe next year. Hope ya don’t mind but I am bringing my partner, six kids, Bella and Bailey the Rottweilers, Charlie and Crystal the alsatians, my cats (Archie, Betty, Lizzie and Margie), Cooper the tarantula, and Peter and Paul the parrots. I am sure the neighbours will make us all feel most welcome. We are on UC and we get drunk most nights, so we cant afford to pay our rent on time, but I am sure you won’t mind us sponging off of you. Don’t be calling in the morning please-we like to sleep in. And don’t interrupt our wild parties.
Welcome to 2020 Britain as a landlord guys. It sucks for us tenants too, as you all worry that we might be like that. Thank god not everyone is, but too many are.... Read More