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Mark Grace

12:24 PM, 18th June 2015
About 6 years ago

How to protect a purchase from an unreliable vendor?

I agree an Option agreement is a good way to go OR exchange with a delayed completion. Both can be made to be dependant on achieving a satisfactory Planning.
I would speak with my lawyer about both and then talk to the vendor about the options.... Read More

Mark Grace

16:09 PM, 20th March 2014
About 7 years ago

Mortgage Express instructed Valuations without my permission!

Dear All,
Thank you for all the useful comments. I will tread carfully, but it appears I have no choice but to let UKARS inspect and value the properties. Interestingly - the gentleman I spoke to commented that they will be inspecting everyones portofolio over the next couple of years, because of Fraud cases experienced in other former lenders now part of UKARS. He gave examples of houses now run as hotels, and fire damaged buildings.

He also appologized for the oversite of not contacting me, and fwd'd the letter by email.

In short I am cinical, and think they are looking for any breach of contract to call in the loans, as is their remit.
Just to be clear:
I have no arrears and have never had any. I have had no contact with UKARS before.
The properties are long term tenanted on AST's, now Periodic.

I will keep you all up to date.... Read More