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Abiodun Ogunyemi

9:33 AM, 21st May 2014, About 8 years ago

Rent after death

The agents are just playing their mind games on you and trying to push their luck. If you had posted a set of keys to the property on recorded delivery in the first place to their head office, there is no way they will dispute the fact that the keys had been received as you will have proof of postage and for the fact that they are fully aware that the initial tenants had passed away should have closed the account on that particular rent.

You have done your bit to informed them, the council and the coroner has done their bit as well. For the fact that you had records of communication informing them that their tenant had passed on is good enough for you to prove in the court of law that they are fully aware and that they had decided to turn the clock against you by way of their harassment.

My advise if possible, record all telephone conversation noting the name and time of person you spoke to and let them know both on the phone and in writing that their actions towards the issues is been seen as an harassment and will be reported to both police and necessary authority.

Also, try and request for their complaint procedures and follow all their procedures (if any) outlined .

I believe along the way someone will see a good reasoning to what you are complaining about.

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