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Hardworking Landlord

11:46 AM, 4th December 2019
About 3 days ago

No surprise tenants have suffered intense rent increases this year

The reported rent increases certainly support the argument to reverse S24 etc but just to keep it real, can someone say where the rent increases are and what percentage they have increased by? My experience is that rents have slipped backwards a little in the south east, and I have not increased any rents in my portfolio over the last 12 months on properties in the SE or Cheshire. In fact I have read some reports that show rent increases below inflation which would seem to imply we could be better off with rent controlls and a built in annual inflation increase! (not that Labour will get my vote of course!)... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:53 AM, 27th November 2019
About A week ago

My campaign against Labour's housing policies

Jennifer, it would be good if you could post a bit about who you are and your background?... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:44 AM, 27th November 2019
About A week ago

Tenant asking not to extend S21?

I have experienced the same thing / had the same request. The section 21 you have issued will have all the details the council needs in terms of confirmation that the tenancy is to end on a set date. In my situation, the council did aim to get a property for the tenant lined up for the end of the tenancy, so you may not have an issue. Depends on the council and also the tenant you have and thier circumstances. Writing an email for the tenant is just duplication and would carry less weight than the section 21 notice... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:06 AM, 26th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

£100,000 for a bad property MOT!

It is clear that some properties are not of the standard that should be provided, and Labour clearly acknowledges that some landlords do provide good housing. But yet again, they completely miss the real issue which is one of compliance. There are rules in place already and dodgy landlords getting away with flouting them. Charging good landlords a fee for a property MOT will not resolve the issues that exist. They need to invest in compliance of the current rules first, but they wont of course because thats not a vote winner.... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

10:42 AM, 18th November 2019
About 3 weeks ago

John McDonnell back-pedals on Right to Buy

Quite frankly the economy is wrecked if they get in anyway! I am not surprised this has been dropped as I heard Labour MP's pushing back on it in interviews. It's actually more concerning that it has been dropped as it was clearly unpalatable to voters (and labour MP's) and so could well return once they get into No.10.
I think what would be great though is if they nationalised Dominoes Pizza, because surely free Pizza for all on a Friday is a human right isn't it?... Read More