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Hardworking Landlord

16:47 PM, 1st April 2020
About 3 days ago

NRLA merger completes and Chair is announced

Well lets hope they can hit the ground running and start to help landlords out of the mess that the government has made with its Covid 19 policies!... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

16:38 PM, 1st April 2020
About 3 days ago

Government have created chaos in the PRS

A well written summary of our position!

I have had two tenants contact me so far. One is a lovely family that live close to me. He is self-employed and wants assistance. His wife still working. He was under the impression that I would get a mortgage holiday and not have to pay it back. We have agreed to halve the rent this month which is affordable for him, and we will review as we go. The lender has paused my payments on the mortgage for three months (the mortgage is £100 per month less than half of the rent)

I have a tenant that is slowly wrecking our property and causing stress to the family next door with noise etc. He is 3 months in arears and the notice period of the Section 21 is up next week. Initially I used a Section 8 but then he paid just enough rent for it to be invalid, so the rubbish system is already giving me a problem and forcing me to use the so called ‘no fault’ eviction process as my only option. I would love to ask the government what they recommend in this situation? I now understand that I cannot take any action for another 3 months. The tenant wrote a one line email last week confirming he would not be moving out. I responded with a letter outlining the situation and asking what benefits they have applied for etc. I have not had a response, which is usual for this tenant.

I think the issue here is that I want to help my tenants, and indeed will. I value them as my customers and want us all to get through this, but the government is offering no help or protection from tenants like the one I mention above who quite frankly is now sipping champagne and celebrating that he has another 3 months free living whilst I have cut my personal living down to the basic food, water and lights to keep my family on tick over. Forbearance indeed!... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

7:37 AM, 19th March 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Three month mortgage payment holiday extended to Buy to Let

I wonder what the situation is with S21 notices that have already been issued? I have a tenant with 2 months arrears, and about to be 3 moths in arrears. The move out date is 7th April but I am sure he will not move out if he does not have to.... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

9:44 AM, 18th March 2020
About 2 weeks ago

He's absolutely crackers!

I am poised to give notice to all of my tenants. I am sure a deal is likely to be done giving payment holidays to tenants, which would be fine and reasonable to do in the current situation, assuming there was support for landlords. The fact is, there is no support for landlords, and in fact we are taxed disproportionately via Section 24, we are bashed by the media, and accused of sexual discrimination by some charities in order to use a loophole in the law. All of this and the majority still provide good quality housing with service levels on maintenance that are first class. Its simply not going to be viable any more...... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:46 AM, 21st February 2020
About a month ago

Rental deposit amounts compared to economic investment

Perhaps its just me, but this article seems completely bonkers!

The five week deposit held on most of my properties is on average £865. The average cost to re-carpet a property after a 'non-well behaved' pet has been allowed to ruin is around £1,200. I would suggest that the funds held for a deposit are very much needed and have been put to good use. If you remove the possible loss of a deposit to the tenant, why will they take any care over your property....... Read More