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Hardworking Landlord

8:19 AM, 9th July 2020
About 2 days ago

NRLA welcomes Chancellor's support for Green improvements

Great, but my tenant has not paid rent since January and the government allows him to continue to stay at my property! Upgrading the boiler and lagging the loft are not my current priorities to be honest...... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:14 AM, 10th June 2020
About a month ago

What Planet Are They On?

Yes, i have come to the same conclusion. Its time to move onto different investments. There is little point pushing against this. Better planning an orderly exit and investing in something that is currently in favor with government policy.

I am sure Polly Neate will house my tenants!... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

12:10 PM, 8th June 2020
About a month ago

NRLA disappointed by damaging evictions ban extension

The NRLA is 'disappointed' I am wondering why I am paying to be a member of an association that is so disappointing!

Myself and other landlords are facing much more than just 5 months rent arrears. Mine started back in January so at best this will be 9 months assuming the court is super efficient and has no backlog! The trouble is, we are just seen as landlords. The reality is this:

My name is John and I am married to Katie. We have a son name James. We live in a 3 bed semi, drive an average car and we both work hard at our jobs and we rent a few properties to build a retirement fund. We support charities, have our own health issues and look after family members. We are happy with our lot, respect those with less and support our decent tenants in hard times. The government has no time for us, we don't benefit from any of the support funds, but that's OK by us as there are others that need it more than us. We have saved hard over the years and will get through - well at least we thought we would.

The government now allows our rogue tenant who we have tried unbelievably hard to work with, to stay even longer without paying the rent. We have repaired the broken doors, the smashed windows, the smashed cooker, and have recently apologized to the neighbors for the inconvenience our rogue tenant is causing. We will continue to service the boiler, upgrade and safety check the electrics, replace the smoke alarms that are pulled down every time we enter the property, but the money is running out. Now the NRLA want to put in place a pre action protocol for private properties. Companies will charge us huge fees which we can ill afford to be compliant with the new legislation which will just add to our debt and time line How is any of this remotely reasonable?... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:36 AM, 8th June 2020
About a month ago

Eviction Ban Extended 2 Months Until 23rd August

So the government throws another lifeline to rogue tenants at the landlords expense!
I thought a tenancy agreement and a section 21 notice were legally binding documents?
I assume there is no way of taking the government to court over this?... Read More

Hardworking Landlord

11:06 AM, 2nd June 2020
About a month ago

3-month eviction ban extension and their fantasy world

I have been supporting my tenants that have struggled during the crisis, but my ability to support them is fast running out, because one of our tenants that had arrears long before Covid hit. He is mounting up the debt, now 5 months in arrears and also causing rapid deterioration of the property and holding parties through the night. The paperwork has been done and its sat doing nothing at the court. The tenant continues to inject the rent into his arm whilst my decent tenants and I struggle to get through the crisis helping each other to do so. We were asked to show forbearance, but where is the help for us!... Read More