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Friday 23rd May 2014

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Maureen Bassill

12:03 PM, 8th July 2014, About 7 years ago

Anti-social behaviour directed to new tenants - please help!

Thank you all of your advice. I have contacted the local ASB Team who have been very quick to react. They have contacted the police.

The troublesome tenants are housed by the Council and everyone over 10 in the household is having to sign an agreement to stop the behaviour to face eviction by the Council.

My tenant, a teaching assistant, is to be investigated for using cannabis on the allegation of someone known to the police for anti-social behaviour. She could lose her job.

She is logging all incidents and has spoken to the other neighbours to ask them to report the neighbours should they have had similar experiences. Quite a few have.

My real query is what recourse do I have if this Council tenant is responsible for my tenant moving out? I will suffer financial loss by having a vacant property which will most probably be vandalised again. Must I just shrug this off as yet another burden to be borne by a 'greedy landlord'?... Read More