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12:07 PM, 7th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Sell or keep for the long term picture?

Why is the mortgage so high on £60k, is it repayment or interest only?... Read More


17:41 PM, 20th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Straw poll on Mortgage renewal options?

What rate are you on now? 2.49% and about to drop off 2 year tracker

What are the reversion rates as these are very important if you can’t remortgage or change product at the end of the product term? 5.79%

What plans do you have for the property and the level of borrowing? - long term investement and no plans to pay down etc

Most importantly do you need the ability and security to budget with a fixed rate or can you afford to take the rough with the smooth on a variable rate?
Have been happy on trackers / BMR with all mortgages over the last 15 years but not against fixed if rates are good.... Read More


11:41 AM, 14th January 2015, About 7 years ago


11:39 AM, 14th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Partner Buy Out - is 50/50 fair?

Mike W.... whilst I appreiciate your comments I think you may be looking at the situation a little harsher than needs to be. My partner who is also a family member was keen to enter into the partnership and was also keen that it was not to be a long term situation, merely a supply of initial capital with an agreeable return based on the term the capital was used for. At the inception it was agreed that when the time came to return the investment that the house would be valued and the amount to be returned could be calculated. Both sides are very cautious not to be seen to doing the other out of money and therefore some independent advice was being sought regarding selling a house.
From my side I appreciate the leg-up their investment has given me and wish to pay them back what is respectfully due to them in order that they may wish to replicate the investment in the future. From their perspective they wish to not come over as 'house is £225k so therefore if sold i would walk away with £112.5k'.

To put my question another way:- If you owned a house which was valued by an estate agent at £225k, how much would you expect to recover after all costs following the sale of the house factoring the points mentioned above as well as any others? It is this figure that I was interested in.... Read More


10:27 AM, 14th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Partner Buy Out - is 50/50 fair?

The valuation was simply from local estate agents and we have since had 3 more which have averaged out at the £225,000. This was given as their value to market the property at so i think will be optimistic in order to gain our business but not allowing for any drops we may need to make if proved unrealistic as well as the inevitable drop when a buyer puts in their offer. I am as stated looking to keep the property and simply buy my partner's share so an accurate but fair figure for both parties is sought, If anybody can fill in the blanks, albeit very subjective, i would appreciate:-

Average estate agent fee?
Average estate agent is out on their walkaround inspections?
Average that the accepted offer is below the nmarketed value?
Average Solicitors fees to handle the sale?
Any other costs to be bear in mind?... Read More