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Robert Pais

13:53 PM, 28th September 2017
About 3 years ago

No copy of agreement and tenant has dementia?

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 28/09/2017 - 10:49
Hi Neil
Thanks for your thoughts. No there was no tenancy agreement when I bought the property. It seems the property changed ownership through several housing associations and it disappeared along the way. I have been able to increase the rent over the years no problem without. To be honest I don't really want to go through the eviction process, I would prefer the tenant to just give notice to vacate the property. But his illness might make this difficult or impossible, plus the son is putting the onus on me to provide him with some letter or other to sign in order to relinquish responsibility. But I don't want to make any mistakes with this.
And no it is not a great relationship with the tenants son. He is an absolute pain!
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Robert Pais

14:11 PM, 14th October 2014
About 6 years ago

Mortgage Redeemed - should I port deal to another property?

Reply to the comment left by "Howard Reuben" at "14/10/2014 - 13:13":

Thanks for your input Neil, Mark & Howard.

Apparently I can port the product but only at the current lending criteria, so 75% as you rightly say. The problem does seem to be the restriction on properties mortgaged with the Lloyds Banking Group as I referred to and Howard confirmed. I had including this redeemed mortgage 3 loans with BMS, but I have another with TMB who whilst no longer accepting new business are it seems part of Lloyds. That is infact the loan with the 4.95% SVR so it would have been nice to have got rid of that one but it seems that you cannot port to another lender in the group either, so looks like I'm stuck with it.
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Robert Pais

10:12 AM, 22nd May 2014
About 7 years ago

Letting Agent Deducting Commission from Deposit Refund

Reply to the comment left by "Romain " at "21/05/2014 - 15:51":

Hi Romain

Absolutely, the terms state that the commission is due on rent collected. I asked them for clarification and they said that in effect they are still managing the property as they are negotiating over the arrears. Probably correct although if they had managed it correctly during the term of the tenancy we wouldn't be in this position now.
Anyway I've accepted that I will have to pay the commission. I spoke to another letting agent I know quite well and who didn't charge me previously in a similar situation. His response was that if they provided a bad tenant then they did not feel comfortable charging commission on deposit returns when the problems were partly of their making - I guess it is down to the individual letting agent.
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