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Loraine Marshall

9:28 AM, 29th November 2014, About 8 years ago

Over-crowding issue - Tenant Has 3 Kids In One Room

The section 8 for unpaid rent is worth persuing, plus have you thought about checking right to reside status. Have they all got UK passports or do they require visa's.... Read More

Loraine Marshall

6:14 AM, 15th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Heating cost control in HMO's

I've been informed by a local cleaning company that a large property company in Sunderland that has all inclusive rents and bills in their HMO's control the heating by locking boilers inside of cupboards.

The heating is then timed to come on throughout the day and the tenants can not access the timer to change the settings. Thermostats on radiators control each room.

Another option would be to check out the price you are paying on utilities and see if any companies are offering lower charges on a fixed term.

Is the house insulated? Does it have an EPC of D or above? if the answer is no, look at improvements to the property that give you a better energy performance.

Another tip I read recently was to defrost fridge freezers regularly as one family spotted their energy bills rising sharply for no reason, they were using a digital monitor - after defrosting the freezer the consumption returned back to normal.

Hope this helps
Loraine... Read More

Loraine Marshall

17:30 PM, 20th July 2013, About 9 years ago

NUS also report on The Private Rented Sector Review

I read this with interest and in my opinion it is not Letting Agents in general that need regulating, but private landlords who invest and let properties with out an agents involvement. I have taken enquires from landlords whose properties don't come anywhere near the HHSRS, and have given them free advice on how to proceed.

However, some don't take this advice or bemoan the interference and involvement of local councils housing officers.

As an agent in Student House letting every property in our portfolio has been checked and vetted by health and housing and measures were taken to meet standards being introduced.... Read More

Loraine Marshall

11:08 AM, 7th June 2011, About 11 years ago

Looking for businesses offering services to landlords to test our Directory.

Hello Mark,
I would be happy to help in testing the web platform. We offer Letting and Management services to Landlords who have student rental property in Sunderland. We've been doing business since 2005 here in Sunderland. From Loraine Marshall - Student Rooms Letting & Management... Read More