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Jim S

13:03 PM, 30th April 2022, About 4 weeks ago

Possession hearing - Has by chance the council rep got it wrong?

My understanding is that it is hugely important to know if your tenancy agreement reverts to a CONTRACTURAL of STATUTORY periodic tenancy after the initial fixed period, if its contractual then you do not have to give the tenant updated gas cert/electrical cert/epc/How to rent in England booklet and prescribed deposit protection information along with the latest T&C's of the deposit protection scheme if they have already been issued at the beginning of the tenancy. If however your tenancy agreement reverts to a statutory periodic then all of these documents must be issued whenever there is an update to any of these documents and failure to do this will mean that you can not use a section 21 notice. If you read through your tenancy agreement it should state that that at the end of the fixed period that the tenancy will continue as either contractual or periodic and if it does not state either then by default it is a statutory periodic tenancy. This is because a periodic tenancy auto renews at each rent due period ie monthly for monthly for monthly rental period. Nearly all new tenancy paperwork will state contractual but some of the older ones still state statutory which can really cause some problems with a smart solicitor.... Read More

Jim S

11:59 AM, 26th February 2022, About 3 months ago

Renters face struggle to find homes as supply dries up

Just sold a rental property last week that I have owned for 27 years, so why have I sold it? It’s time for an upgrade and I will need to spend many £1000’s to make it modern and attractive to get the right quality tenants that I would want and need to get to feel safe that I had a decent tenant that I could take a risk on who I would have the confidence in that they would pay their rent. And I have taken the view that it is just no longer worth that £1000’s investment for all of the RISK AND HARD WORK that is required and then for what rent I would get. So after 27 years of ownership the British government have killed the property as an investment. No big corporation were going to buy this property and no landlord was interested. Yes a home owner has purchased it but 4 other tenants have gone to find other accommodation and this property is no longer available as rental stock. Well done British Government for shrinking the rental market in this particular market area.... Read More

Jim S

9:56 AM, 12th February 2022, About 3 months ago

Energy rebate/loan questions for student accommodation?

As the main heading of this post stated student accommodation can I also mention about another anomaly that affects students. Properties council tax band A to D inclusive will receive a £200 council tax discount but students are exempt from paying council tax and so they will not receive this £200 discount and yet still have to pay the increased cost of gas & electricity. if the landlord for the property pays the bills for the property under an "All bills inclusive" package they still will not receive the benefit of the council tax reduction as student tenants occupy the property. Seems very unfair on the students as they are missing out. Tenants who are on an "All bills inclusive" package with the landlord will still have to pay for all of the energy increase as most of the packages have a fair usage policy which is expressed in £Pounds cost used and not Kilo watt hours energy used.... Read More

Jim S

13:39 PM, 5th February 2022, About 4 months ago

How often should a Fire Risk Assessment be upgraded?

Reply to the comment left by DSR at 31/01/2022 - 14:49
Refer to the government guidance on fire safety as shown in the LACORS fire safety guide. https://www.cieh.org/media/1244/guidance-on-fire-safety-provisions-for-certain-types-of-existing-housing.pdf... Read More

Jim S

16:54 PM, 1st January 2022, About 5 months ago

Do you remember offset mortgages?

I still have an offset personal mortgage and it has been fantastic to have, many years ago I used to get £10k + balance transfer from credit cards with 0% fee & interest and then pay the money into my offset current account for 6 months which was saving me 5% interest, I think I had about £30k in at one stage for a couple of years by rotating cards which was lovely free money. They now charge a product fee for credit card balance transfers and the interest rates charged by my offset mortgage provider is still very low and so hardly any saving and not worth doing any more. You had to remember to pay the balance transfer back though, it was a lovely free treat which I always enjoyed when I was eating a slap up meal and beers which I knew were for free.... Read More