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Jim S

13:13 PM, 13th October 2018
About 3 days ago

Irish "caring" Budget re-introduces 100% mortgage interest tax relief

I read about the Irish reintroducing 100% tax relief for interest finance costs on one of the property blog websites (Can't remember which now), it also stated that the Irish Government do not intend to offer this tax relief to those landlords on low rate tracker mortgages "As they are already getting a financial advantage" How absolutely appalling that they would discriminate like this against a landlord that had made a good commercial decision many years ago.
That to me is a dirty way of doing business and I would expect no less from the British Government if they were to reconsider Section 24... Read More

Jim S

9:32 AM, 4th October 2018
About 2 weeks ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Hi, I'll join the Landlords Alliance. "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing!" Section 24 is an immoral tax that has been applied retroactively and the Government should be ashamed of themselves. I contributed to the Judicial review and was wondering if there is any cash left over that could be transferred to this new landlord Alliance?... Read More

Jim S

9:11 AM, 18th September 2018
About 4 weeks ago

End of the Road

Perhaps a £1 fee added onto every insurance based deposit fee of every tenancy deposit created and a £1 fee deducted off the return of any custodial deposit when returned. If they don't ban the letting agent and landlord administration fees then make it £2 per deposit and charge it to the tenant on signing each new tenancy.... Read More

Jim S

12:34 PM, 15th September 2018
About a month ago

End of the Road

I have written to the RLA & the NLA many times and asked them to start a national shame campaign against our City councils and the Government to highlight some of the immoral policies that they have imposed upon landlords. They constantly acquiesce instead of learning how to fight! By fight my suggestion has been the Ghandi approach of "No cooperation" with the Government or local City councils, instead of meetings and talks with the Government why not start to work against them!!! Start shame campaigns!!!
I never ever get a reply when I send them an email about various landlord issues and recently when I read their web articles I would even say that they have started to seem pro tenant even when the landlord could be in the right.
The letters RLA & the NLA no longer stand for Residential Landlords Association and National Landlords Association they now stand for their new meaning which is the Residential Letting Association and National Letting Association!!!!!!!!! This is because they are more interested in selling courses and teaching you how to be a professional landlord than fighting for the rights of the landlord.
I have been a member of the RLA for about 25 years and the NLA for about 15 years and I will CONTIUE TO BE A MEMBER as I think they are an amazing resource and I know they do lots of hard work hard behind the scenes, but they need to learn how to fight!!!
I have asked each association to ask their members for their members thoughts on a strategy of none cooperation to the City councils and Government and national shame campaigns but as usual I had no response. Yes I have the correct email address.... Read More

Jim S

10:18 AM, 21st July 2018
About 3 months ago

Property118 Nominated For Prestigious Award

Done, 118 is the most gutsy landlord website.... Read More